We will create a great spectrum of activities ranging from onsite to offsite adventures and experiences that will create lasting memories and quality of life. Whether they are organic farming workshops to grow your own food in your back yard, healthy cooking seminars, concerts and interesting shows, captivating workshops and lectures, boating to white sand islands, hiking to waterfalls and cloud forests in our back yard, to extended trips and adventure tours throughout costa Rica.

Art is one of the cornerstones of our project as it enhances the quality of life. We have a collective of talented artists ranging from sculpture to landscape design eager to participate. We are preparing an art workshop to allow them the space, tools, and materials needed to help enrich our environment with art.

Children will be provided with education, care, and environment where they can flourish (activities, camp, adventures etc.).

The community will provide a high level of security and 24/7 medical emergency services.