Driving directions to Puerta a la Vida

(Approx. 1-1.5 hours from San Jose)

Directions via Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/EzPMV 

Directions via Waze:  http://waze.to/lr/hd1g9pv5q6


Turn by Turn Directions:

 1.   Take Route 27 West - Toward Guanacaste (you will eventually see the Ocean)

*Its about a 1 hour segment from San Jose to the Port of Caldera

 2.   Continue Straight as Route 27 becomes Route 23 (passing Caldera & Puntarenas - driving toward Guanacaste)  

*You will follow the highway passing Gasolinera El Roble & Maxi Pali Supermarket on your left hand side until you see an underpass which takes you under highway and back around to highway 1. 

 3.   Merge onto Route 1 North (Pan American Highway) - Toward Guanacaste

*This is a about 10 minutes from the Port of Caldera –When you see the underpass going below the highway, stay left at the fork and follow it under the highway and around onto Route 1 – Pan American Highway North.

 4.   Turn right at DELTA gas station / Cuatro Cruces onto Route 144 (toward town of Mirmar)

*After approx. 5 minutes driving North on Route 1 / Pan America. It’s a big intersection with a flashing light and gas station.

 5.   From the Delta/Cuatro Cruces intersection - drive 2km North East

*Drive up the hill for about 3-4 minutes towards the town of Miramar (we are on the way up to town). You know that you are getting close when you go under the umbrella trees that hang over the road and you will also see a sign for Carnes Estrella on your right. Shortly after, you should see a driveway on your left with a bamboo gate and a blue water tank on the corner. This is the entrance gate to Puerta a la Vida. Once inside the property, continue up the main road to the Welcome Center where you will be greeted with a smile.

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