The site planning of the community was created to facilitate the vision of Intelligent Living with careful attention to an eco-friendly and truly sustainable approach. This means creating a low density development with small housing footprints while protecting the trees, minimizing land movement, adapting to topography, ensuring natural pathways throughout the property, and much more.

Based on careful consideration to topography and distinct zones within the community, we can allow for a variety of architecture styles to coexist that adhere to our core principles of sustainability and harmony. The aesthetics of the community will be supervised by the architecture review board headed by Chief Architect Victor Cañas.

Our intent is to create an environment that is steeped in art—where artistic influence can arouse the senses—where art can be seen, enjoyed, tasted and experienced firsthand. Integral to this vision is the notion of promoting local artists and architects, as well as collaborating with renowned international talent to build an unparalleled community.

Community Gardens & Fruit Orchards
Puerta a la Vida is proud to be growing the highest quality super foods for our community. Good nutrition is fundamental to Intelligent Living and sourcing our food directly from our farm to your table is key to delivering peak nutrition.   Our current 36 intensive garden beds provide everything from salad greens and vegetables to medicinal plants and herbs.   Hundreds of fruit trees will soon be yielding some of the rarest fruits on the planet. Residents have the option of using the community garden or purchasing an individually tailored turn-key garden on their Homesite.  Maintenance of your personal garden by our professional horticulturalists will be available as well.