For many years we worked alongside the most accomplished and innovative physicians and scientists, and we defined our dream: To create a truly healthy lifestyle community with wellness retreat as an anchor that will use cutting-edge, results-based protocols in EVERY DAY LIFE.

Why Community ENVIRONMENT matters. Game changer.

The Reality Gap

During our many years of research, we noticed a severe discrepancy in the amount and quality of healthy lifestyle knowledge, and people's ability to put this information to use in their everyday lives. We felt that this discrepancy was a setback and a paradox. Despite of a vast amount of scientific information available on leading a healthy lifestyle, there is no real practical use for it. 

We made this issue our main focus and challenged ourselves to understand the problem in its entirety by asking WHY?

What could we Do to bring a change?

Think Differently

We started to think about how we could change the stagnant status quo, and so we developed a guiding philosophy:
“Walk a mile in peoples’ shoes…” Understand their lives, the challenges they face, the choices they make, and the reasons they make them.

There are many reasons why people do not use all available Life Science knowledge, but we were able to identify the two most common reasons: Lack of exposure and education.

Limiting factors: 

  • No willpower! There is a psychological competition between pleasurable emotions (the comfort zone) vs. survival instincts  and often times, people do not see their unhealthy lifestyle choices as immediate threats. They do not see IMMEDIATE BENEFITS!
  • No time! People have long “to-do” lists and their time is very limited.  So, they often cannot commit themselves to learning and most importantly actually doing 


The Solution-The Power of the Modern Village- Community of Interest

Living in a community has a great hidden psycho-sociological power that is so necessary to support people’s willpower to stay on a course of Health Reserves buildup. Utilizing the Modern Village concept, we want to cultivate the most important aspect of the concept--a community of interest. A community of interest is a community of people who share a common interest and a deep passion for their interest. These people exchange ideas and thoughts about the given passion in positive ways and encourage each other’s growth.

 Participation in a community of interest can be compelling and entertaining, and can create a “close attachment phenomena,” where people return frequently and remain for extended periods. The community’s members take part in the community to: exchange information; to obtain answers to personal questions or problems; to improve their understanding of a subject; to share common passions; or just to play and have fun. The community is defined not only by common surrounding, but also by a common bond. These common bonds may be over feelings of personal attachment to people, places, and community-driven philosophies, or activities such as organic farming, yoga, herbal medicine, and Burning Man festivals.

 We have found that another very powerful way to create interest and enthusiasm for healthy lifestyle movements, like the one we are trying to create here, is to spotlight real success stories from real people who you know personally. We don’t want to promote phony written statements but instead, we want to have passionate people who are committed and genuine to spread their stories to people that they know.

If we can ignite the interest of just a small percentage of enthusiasts, then these enthusiasts could be the catalyst to gain the genuine interest of a much larger group of people. The phenomenal effect of community psychology involves the empowerment of individuals, and this empowerment should not be underestimated when factoring in the tough reality of changing an individual’s lifestyle in a course of Health Reserves buildup.

 The Modern Village is a community of interest that thrives on people passionate about healthy living. Membership allows people to be connected on a daily basis with individual health support that has been drafted by our team of progressive holistic doctors. Our highly innovative concept, the Modern Village, utilizes full-scale Life Efficiency services for Intelligent Living and will have a profound scientific and social impact.

Life Efficiency. Time is very valuable commodity!

The second Modern Village aspect that we want to cultivate is Life Efficiency. We are taking a clinic-resort service approach to everyday life, and we want the services to be both cost- and time-effective.

Life-style change: What does that mean in reality? One of the most important factors of lifestyle changes is maintaining a fresh and organic diet, and tailoring that diet to your personal needs. Members of our community will have two choices:

      A nutritionally complete food supply at affordable prices, or

      A choice of dishes from our menu in the Health Cafeteria. (Delivery to members’ homes is also available!)

To help the community get the most out of their time with us, we have created many time-efficient nutritional options, such as fresh cold-pressed juices. Normally, fresh cold-pressed juices take over an hour to make, but we plan to prepare them in advance, made to members’ personal preferences, and delivered at the requested time. This is perfect for mornings when members may not have the time to create your own fresh, organic, cold-pressed juices.

By creating simple and practical solutions for people’s problems with lifestyle changes, we want to ensure that members of our community stay comfortable, healthy, and most importantly, full!

In addition, we want to deliver the highest living efficiency by having our properties offer exceptional concierge services so that residents don’t have to waste their valuable free time on the routine hassles of life. “I’ve found that it’s the small things that make a BIG difference.” So if we can ensure that a resident has their computer fixed, a FedEx package delivered, and their dry cleaning and groceries picked up for them, imagine how much free time we’ve just given them to enjoy what matters most--living their lives healthy and having fun.

Another efficient aspect that we are developing is an online community option for people that are not living full-time in Puerta a la Vida, and are not connected to a holistic doctor at their homes, but would like to participate in the WRLC health improvement process.  These members will be able to purchase fractional ownership for a few weeks in order to come for the evaluation and treatment one-to-two times a year. We are in the process of implementing an easy to useproprietary e-platform for online communication. We want to direct and do as much as possible testing before a member’s arrival to Puerta a la Vida so that their time is utilized as efficiently as possible. We also want to pre-design individual treatment protocols with our network Holistic doctors to allow members to get everything they want and need from their time at Puerta a la Vida.

Transforming Possibility into Reality

We do not need to wait for the new miracle solutions or discoveries--what we really need is to deliver the evidence & results-based solution, with respect to the reality of the modern life, that we have been researching and creating at Puerta a la Vida. Knowledge alone is not enough. We have to have the courage to penetrate people’s ignorance when it comes to healthy naturopathic lifestyle changes, and to find all possible ways for practical implementation of the great concept of Health Reserves- Prevention-Longevity.  We aim to make this life-changing experience simple, accessible & affordable. We want every day to be a day when people practice intelligent living.

Example…. (read more)

Beyond the Wellness -Intelligent Living principals

HEALTH FOR LIVING vs. Living for Health

Our plan-of-action for creating our Modern Village is:

o   Puerta a la Vida becomes a School of Life for all of its community members and visitors.

o   The Wellness Center monitors health biomarkers and bio-individual health profiles, and suggests individual protocols for each community member or visitor.

o   Our Professional Food Services provide daily access to necessary organic foods, fruits and vegetable, herbs, and supplements at lowest possible cost. Cold-pressed juices and healthy meals are prepared daily.

But there is more:

·       Creating a community center for gatherings – a central place for all residents and visitors to come together.

·       Creating and encouraging fun! We want everybody to enjoy music, adventures, activities, and events. We want to encourage members to live with art, express their creativity, and feel great daily!

·       Maintaining sustainable building practices from inside the Puerta a la Vida homes to the surrounding land outside of our community.

·       Cultivating a startup business incubator for aligned ideas so that residents can truly live and create while staying with us. We want to create a Business Center so that you can work within the community that you live in, instead of commuting long hours.

 Our ultimate goal is to create a Modern Village where professionals could succeed; where the young can stay young; where women could give birth to healthy children, and where those children could grow up healthy as the intelligent new generation; where elders could feel that it is not the end of their journey, but rather the beginning of a new one where they can unleash their talent and knowledge. Puerta a la Vida is a home for everyone.

 Examples (Read more) 


·       By integrating the latest in Health and Life Sciences, based on sound evidence, practical ideas, and services, we can demonstrate powerful and tangible results in improving the quality of people’s lives.

·       We would like to create a Living model, a real life case study, to showcase the principles of Intelligent Living ad show that they can work in Modern Society.

·       To showcase the power of a community which has the knowledge, services, and facilities to enhance ones health and wellbeing.

·       What people would be learning are practical approaches that could bring real change to their lives.

·       The virtual wellness community – would be online platform to spread the same knowledge to large audiences. Where members not living in a full time community like this, or may not have a holistic doctor, could be part of one online. It would maintain all of the ideals and services or our school of life. When people from the virtual community come to Puerta a la Vida for their visits, there will be no time wasted in evaluations – customized protocols will be ready for them. This advanced e-platform will ensure that our community and knowledge can extend worldwide.

·       Flexibility – this model can be applied in communities, buildings, wellness centers, corporate offices, student campuses, and finally hospitals and clinics that could benefit from the support of complimentary medicine.  

·       Hospitals and clinics could have real support from educating and training dieticians, doctors, and nurses to having a healthy cafeteria. It would dramatically improve the healthcare model in the US and abroad.

The Social Impact

●      A living case study that present scalable and replicated solution model for other communities.

●      Wellness innovation. We want to bring together thoughtful leaders and cutting-edge science in the wellness space.

●      Environmental.  We will help fight chemical and pesticide usage, and any forms of personal pollution of the environment.

●      Organic & Local food. We will support local and organic farmers, fair trade, and conscious capital systems. We will work with local municipalities to support organic markets and cooperatives.

●      Job creation. We will provide local jobs and an education for qualified staff.

●      A School of Life that provides basic and critical knowledge to local hospitals, businesses, and surrounding communities.

●      We will create international seminars, workshops, and retreats to promote Intelligent way of living.

It’s Alive…

We have hosted incredible workshops and brought world-class speakers and top practitioners in the fields of yoga, nutrition, personal growth, permaculture, entrepreneurship, and social impact to Puerta a la Vida. The people who are showing up are clearly inspired by the vision they see unfolding, the vision we want to make a reality, and the vision we want you to help create!

We want to invite you to call Puerta a la Vida your home. Let’s work toward and build something truly great! We were happy to learn that we had great support from leading naturopathic doctors and health enthusiasts, and with your help as founding partners, we believe that this dream will become a reality!