The Truth

We don’t need to wait for “miracle solutions” to be discovered. What we need is to deliver evidence and results-based solutions with respect to the reality of the modern life. Knowledge alone is not enough: We have to have the courage to break people’s road blocks when it comes to understanding disease prevention and unhealthy lifestyle choices, and we need to find all of the possible ways for the practical implementation of our Health Reserves - Prevention and Longevity program.

The Puerta a la Vida wellness approach is simple: We want to make your healthy living simple, accessible, affordable. We want to make healthy living an everyday practice: Intelligent Living!

The Importance of a natural healing diet should not be underestimated! That is why one of Puerta a la Vida proudly prepares and maintains our very own Green Pharmacy:

  • Fresh Living Organic Farm-to-Table (see more about Organic vs. Non-Organic).
  • Cold-pressed fresh organic juice (see more about)
  • Powerful fresh living microgreens (see more about …)
  • Fresh herbs (see more about)
  • Super fruits of Costa Rica (see more about) 

At Puerta a la Vida, we are able to support any individual with a fresh, living, and organic green diet.

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