Puerta a la Vida is a 65-acre community & retreat center situated on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast near the quiet seaside town of Miramar.

Our one-of-a-kind, ecologically friendly community is thoughtfully designed to provide a new paradigm in Living. Every detail—from extended services and eco-conscious building practice to an onsite spa, wellness center and organic restaurant—will be meticulously addressed to create a completely worry-free and healthy lifestyle. Social experiences, filled with workshops, lectures, musical performances, special events and adventures, will be among the offerings designed to provide an active lifestyle. The synergy of so many important elements under one roof, combined with a breathtaking setting, is a concept we call “Intelligent Living.”   

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Rising 300 meters above sea level on the famous Gran Mirador plateau, the development is one hour from San Jose via the newly built highway. The high altitude affords some of the nicest ocean views in the area, cool breezes and low humidity. Located in the country’s Montes de Oro Central Pacific region, the development is situated on the rolling mountains overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya. It is located in close proximity to a wide array of popular destinations and eco-adventure attractions, including some of the top beaches in the country. Just a 10-minute drive from the yacht club – allows for easy access to the secluded white sand islands of the Gulf of Nicoya where our beach club will be nestled. 

Community Gardens & Orchards:

Puerta a la Vida is proud to be growing the highest quality super foods for our community. Good nutrition is fundamental to Intelligent Living and sourcing our food directly from our farm to your table is key to delivering peak nutrition.   Our current 36 intensive garden beds provide everything from salad greens and vegetables to medicinal plants and herbs.   Hundreds of fruit trees will soon be yielding some of the rarest fruits on the planet. 





Key components: 


Represents the land parcels available for those looking for the option of designing their own homes. We will also be offering multiple options of model homes. All homesites will have full underground infrastructure (electricity, water, fiber optic internet etc.) Residents will enjoy the full use of the community center and wellness resort.

Private Residence Club

Will consist of villas of varying sizes designed by renowned architect Victor Cañas. Residents will enjoy full use of the community center, wellness resort, and will be provided complete resort services. 

Residential Community Center

The anchor of the community - a value added for residents, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a resort-like community centerpiece with amenities and services.

Wellness Resort & Longevity Center

Will consist of modern cottages, a classic spa, a wellness retreat and longevity center as well as an onsite organic farm. The Longevity Center will feature the latest in medically supervised naturopathic treatments aimed at maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle and prevention of disease. 

Beach Club

Situated in the Gulf of Nicoya next to secluded white-sand beaches. Amenities will include a fine-dining restaurant, salt-water pool, children’s play area, and mini-spa with showers, lockers and lounging deck as well as an activities center with sports equipment such as jet skis, canoes and water skis. 

  • Be enveloped by the soaring views, beautiful sunsets and fresh ocean air. Cultivate an abundance of good health… pure water, whole food, and a clean environment free of chemicals and pollutants.
  • Engage in a proactive lifestyle with concerts & shows, workshops & lectures, and special events. Social spaces – a café, residents’ lounge, library, art gallery, theater, parks, and sports facilities—to suit your mood and interests.
  • Practice healthy living with an onsite organic farm & restaurant and a health & wellness center complete with a state-of-the-art spa, fitness club and swimming pool.
  • Experience smart living with a comprehensive array of services – handyman,food delivery, cleaning staff and more.
  • Stimulate your senses… be immersed in art and design at every turn with landscaped gardens, outdoor sculptures and cutting-edge architecture.
  • Delight in the country’s premiere eco destinations—be they volcanoes, rainforests, beaches or national parks. Explore the spirit of adventure while surfing, zip-lining or waterfall hiking.


We developed a very specific set of criteria for finding the best location and property to support our vision of Intelligent Living. After traveling the world, Costa Rica stood out as the optimal choice...

  • Abundant natural beauty and virgin habitat
  • Reputation as a eco-wellness destination
  • Endless adventures and experiences
  • Incredible year round climate
  • Good conditions for organic agriculture
  • Stable economy & peaceful democracy
  • High quality of living
  • Friendly people
  • Strong education system
  •  Access to quality medical services 
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We began to canvass the country by helicopter, boat, car, and even horseback in our search for a prime location for our project. It was while flying over the Gulf of Nicoya that we uncovered an area near known as the Montes de Oro and the picturesque town of Miramar

This tranquil and pristine seaside town is just minutes from the Pan-American Highway and one hour from the capitol of San Jose.

Long admired for its natural beauty and ideal location, Miramar has all of the key requirements for great living: good schools, safety, a medical clinic and national hospital in close proximity, a vibrant local community, and well developed infrastructure, including access to water, electricity and internet.

  • Less than one hour from the capitol city of San Jose and the international airport, one can feel seclusion in nature yet have access and convenience when needed.
  • Situated in close proximity to some of Costa Rica’s premiere destinations—be they volcanoes, rainforests, beaches or national parks—adventure and eco attractions are readily accessible.
  • Boasting the closest beaches to the capitol and access to many others that dot the Central Pacific Coast – a surf or a swim are just a stones throw away.
  • A 10-minute drive to a private yacht club gets you to the white-sand islands of the Gulf of Nicoya and limitless adventures around Costa Rica by boat.