So after a short stop in Miami I'm finally back in the CR. I warmed up a little to Miami this trip. Incredible weather, ridiculous women, and a business climate that i can get used to. It was funny to see all of the retired Russian people my parents age who are down there. Its literally like NY in Miami, same faces (just tanner). For people my parents age I can't imagine anything better - friends, Russian restaurants, and beach. Me personally, not ready to retire just yet, but I liked what I saw and have some great friends down there.
It was weird when I got to Costa, because even though it didn't feel like home, I felt comfortable. I feel relaxed here (just like Cali) even when work is crazy. This is probably the defining week of my career as we meet with banks and finalize the process. For 5 years I was waiting to get to this point and start sales already. After an incredibly long process with marketing, engineering, architecture etc. it's finally all coming to fruition. And just as I exhale a sigh of relief, we have to do it all again for the beach project. Small piece of advice to any developer, don't try to launch two simultaneous developments unless you have to!
Anyway time to go to Officemax and print some presentations but nice to be back in action!