New York, New York
I realized that NY is a weird city or rather unusual at times, so I gathered some of my strangest images of recent meanderings around the LES. Last night dropped into Hotel Rivington for a drink in the eve. Nice spot. They have a hot tub you can enjoy and they hook you up with towels and a robe (and hold your drink while you strip down to your bares). I wonder if they were suckered by that great hot tub infomercial you've seen on TV since you were 5!

Okay so this is a Stalin statue on a roof off Houston St. Are you serious? Lots of my friends have been baffled by this...

A party inside a church and it's not Limelight 8 years ago! I believe this was a Doe Fund event i attended because Berrie was spinning.

Hard to see but worth the squint. Two person bike where the two people are sitting side by side. Had to snap it from the car because it was too cool for school.

Heart shaped disco ball at a Chainsmokers event - Alex Pall requires weird things like this when he spins.

Genius haha....

Karaoke bar. I don't know how I got dragged there (almost twice). Well I do know actually, and that's the inability as men we have to change a woman's mind (especially 2).

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