Event Tonight
My friends put together an event for Dos Equis XX. Bear Grylls and other survivalists will be there. Bear Grylls is the man and got that name from his kid sister. Survival is important so keep your ears wide open. (Also included: 3 Birds of prey, 1 Culinary entomologist, 3 Black Belts, a billiard champion, 3 ping pong Olympic gold medalists etc.) You get the idea, not your typical gathering. Also Questlove performing which is awesome.

The Most Interesting Academy is the world's premier institution for the education and dissemination of the study of Being Interesting.

Located in the south of France, or in Thailand, or possibly on a barge off the coast of the Svalbard Islands, it was founded in an unknown year by a group of fascinating people whose names have been lost to history (probably intentionally).

Home to Legends

Allegedly, its alumni have included the likes of a certain writer-adventurer-recluse, a Dutch dancer-spy, a politician-conservationist wielding a big stick, and many an inventor-savant. The school's most recognizable alumnus is of course, Distinguished Emeritus, Grand Benefactor and Patron Sage, the gentlemen known only as The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Of course, all of the above is open for debate. Most facts about the Academy are not exactly public knowledge. That is part of its legendary charm. All we can tell you is that there's an antler room, and underground tunnels, and a beer fountain.

See the website it's awesome: MIA