Trip: Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium
We went for the highly acclaimed new space show, we got much more...
(I started slacking on the personals, and haven't been as active posting in general due to craziness at the workplace. Good news is that I've been saving up. Today will begin a flood of stuff I have gathered over the past week or two...)

Of course I have to look at the architecture behind the munchkins...
Notice how the walls look like a massive sheet of glass with little support. Notice that the glass has small glass braces with metallic hinges. Inside a metal frame holds the superstructure, but the color allows it to blend in very well. Thus the effect of the huge glass cube. Well engineered.

Tough questions for a 7 year old!

The museum had a photography exhibit that was incredible. I never thought I'd be looking at space art. Some of the photography really blew my mind.

Love the main hall. Reminds me of my childhood. Those iconic dinosaur bones in the Roosevelt room.

Great Quote! I choose Righteousness.

Beautiful street on the upper west side (off 71st and Columbus)

No better way to end a great day than a legendary 'Nolia cupcake!