Crazy thing's I've recently seen and snapped with my cell phone cam...
From Yoga in Time Square to Purple Skies

Love NY! That's some nice graph on some guys truck!

Are you serious? Love this shot, click to enlarge. People doing yoga in the middle of Times Square. Such a serene and relaxing place!

It's a real life transformer! No it's modernity creeping up on my old ass. Vending machine 18 wheeler truck... Pretty crazy where we are going to sell soda pop.

Purple skies in Southampton, NY - Villa de Skulnik

Snapped these sculptures in a Southampton Gallery

Just took this photo because I loved the light. There is an amazing hour when the west side just lights up because the sun sets right over the Hudson River and creates this awesome effect. I know photographers who will camp out to get this light! Okay enough about light, I just really like 6 PM on Spring St. followed by some Veal Milanese at Giorgione!

Exposed beams on Houston St. (PS they are fake)

20 Cops arresting 1 Hustler

This is an outrage - when id these things start costing $1!!! They used to be 25c in my day and I'm not even that old!