Yet another ridiculous adventure...Sorry I went crazy with the red highlighter, but this is some damn good language. Urbane Nomads, The new Singapore-based travel agency, caters to a new breed of savvy, well-traveled, restless individuals.

They seek out the unique in every destination and bundle it with select accommodation and unusual travel modes.

They are about to launch “The Most Luxurious Trip in the World” that will offer an experience like never before with prices starting at $2 million.

Attempting to re-create a little of the lavish hunting expeditions of Kublai Khan, the trip puts together unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, travelling through the western part of Mongolia, amongst others, to experience horseback falconry.

Guests will be led by an award-winning filmmaker familiar with the area, locals and the eagle hunters of Bayan Olgii in Western Mongolia.

Trying their hand at eagle hunting in Western Mongolia, their experience and portrait will be forever immortalized through an oil painting by a famous painter.

mongolia hp The Most Luxurious Trip in the World

Traveling throughout Mongolia by private jet, they will be accompanied by a private chef, a private butler, and be accommodated in luxurious, movable private gers, done up in absolute luxury and redefining standards of luxury in remote places.

As it will be launched as ‘The Most Luxurious Trip in the World’, the trip starts in Beijing where guests will stay in the presidential suite of the Park Hyatt Beijing as well as a private villa designed by Kengo Kuma close to the Great Wall of China. UrbaneNomad