Hi friends, I will be documenting Art Basel Miami this year in a search for the ultimate experience. As art steps out of the realm of exclusivity and into our lives, it is the experiential element that allows anyone to appreciate it. As a layman myself, there are few pieces that really touch me and teach me about my sense and my understanding of art. The below installation will be a feature at Pulse in the center of Art Basel. David Abir is an artist, composer, philosopher and has become a dear friend. The below images do not do justice to his work, but it has changed the lives of many of my peers and has opened my eyes. These massive rooms combine a shifting of the most emotionally powerful colors and moving pieces of music David creates. I am not only happy to have experienced this in my lifetime, but excited for others to have this in their lives. I will not bore you with the typical art banter, but David's work is truly next level. Timeless, moving, and truly valuable in the emotion it evokes and the state of mind it puts one in. This is one of the great artists of our time, and we need not a museum or a gallery or a critic to tell us this, this has been validated by each and every person i've taken to his studio.

See Live coverage of David's work and others at Basel on Dec. 3!