Dear friends, in search for original design, sometimes it is best to rely on the young architects of our time. Ricardo Ramirez has an imagination, a passion, and a drive to create better ways to live. I've known him for about a year now, and have always been impressed by his ideas. Part artist, part architect, part young visionary, he has an amazing discipline to build structures that challenge convention yet provide a real living space. There is a tough balance to strike between one's ideas and what people would like to live in, and Ricardo does this with a graceful ease. His latest design below is being built in Costa Rica as we speak! Well done my friend and thanks for sharing it with the world.

Notice the beautiful angles allowing natural sunlight through the large windows. I love skylights but this is the ultimate sky light. I believe sun is essential for people in their everyday lives. The juxtaposition of wood and concrete, all warm up the living environment - modern yet comfortable and livable. This will be a key direction in modern design, as modernism often suffers the reality of creating a comfortable home. As an artists you want to create beauty but you also want people to live in this beauty so a balance has to be struck. Ricardo achieves this flawlessly and I am excited to see his future design!