And then there was Basel.... A massive week of art in Miami. Everything one needed to catch up on what is happening in the world of art. Although the massive Art Basel normally takes the spotlight, I truthfully enjoyed PULSE, OHWOW, GGG and other shows much much more. Just walking the streets of Wynwood was a rare experience, watching each block get painted by artists like Futura, Shepard Fairey, and many more. There was something to be said about such a public process that lacks all exclusivity. There is also something to be said when one can witness art in process. Seeing my close friend David Abir put his piece together into the early hours of the morning grinding before PULSE opened doors, and then seeing the reaction on people's faces when they finally saw it was unforgettable. A girl ran up to David crying and said, "Thank You!" as she gave hive a warm hug. Everyone I've shown this piece to has been forever touched. Such moments are hard to describe but you see people connecting with art, that is the artist's most immense gratification, a true marker of their tremendous efforts.Walking through the shows some pieces stuck out more than others, others had a certain subtle yet genius quality, and as always there were pieces I couldn't connect to. But the saturation in this culture, especially when guided by friends in the industry, was an interesting experience as whole, especially learning more about the artist's purpose/background with each piece. The variety of mediums, materials, and ingenuity was mind blowing. The ability for such an immense display of expression and talent to exist and reach such a broad audience is truly a feat in and of itself. Enjoy the images I snapped while there...[gallery link="file" columns="5"]