When Costa Rica's brightest young architects, designers, and creatives get together, the results speak for themselves. Such a wide array of talent was exhibited at the show. The variety of installations, mediums, and expression was mind blowing. The beauty of this show was the interaction. The ability to touch, use, enjoy all of this art was amazing. This interactive experience allows one to form a greater bond and truly grasp things we see. Shows like this one need to go on, as the collaboration and the exhibition of young talent is priceless. Its a rare glimpse into the minds of the future, to see what envelopes are being pushed, what crazy ideas are popping up, and what norms are being shattered. Unless people take risks and step out onto the limb, it is hard to get good results. This show was about risks, it was about the cutting edge, and it was about creativity. The ideators, dreamers, and open minds behind this show succeed beyond their imagination, and not just because of the turn-out but rather the reaction their pieces evoked. Fore this is the true award - the look on the faces of those who have been moved and enlightened by these installations. I look forward to seeing further collaborations of this kind![gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]