Over the last year we have been forming a prestigious collective of architects and artist for the architectural park and artistic grounds.  Architect's Row features unique residential designs from this select collective. We are proud to announce that we have amassed an impressive group of some of Costa Rica’s best talent that includes: Rolando Barahona, Luis Diego Barahona, Andrés Brenes, Victor Cañas, Fausto Calderón, Franco Casalvolone, Andrés Castro, Daniel Cisneros, Felo Garcia, Guillermo Garita, Jacqueline Gillette, Aimee Joaristi & Enrique Barascout, Adrian Jiron, Katia Martén, Rene Navarro, Oscar Pamio, Luis Diego Quiros, Jaime Rouillon, Juan Robles, Javier Salinas and many other internationally renowned architects and artists. Click here to learn more about Costa Rica's first Architecture Park

Architect's Row from Puerta a la Vida on Vimeo.