Costa Rica ranked second most peaceful nation in Latin America The results from the latest Global Peace Index have arrived and Costa Rica is placed number two in Latin America, only behind Uruguay in the Latin American Ranking and behind Spain in the overall results, ranking nº 26 worldwide. Despite the fact of being considered a nation with limited resources, Costa Rica´s Peace Index is better than most of the developed countries, such as: France (32), Netherlands (27), United Knigdom (31), Italy (40), United States (85).

This is great news as Costa Rica in not only the happiest nation worldwide, but is the 26th safest nation in the world and the second safest nation in Latin America.

Below you will find the Latin American Ranking for 2010:

Latin America Overall Rank Regional Rank
Uruguay 24 1
Costa Rica 26 2
Chile 28 3
Panama 61 4
Nicaragua 64 5