Puerta a la Vida is proud to announce the creation of their Medical Advisory Board & Affiliated Network of Doctors for it's Costa Rican Wellness Resort & Longevity Center. This will be a new segment in medical tourism for Costa Rica: Preventive Medicine & Longevity. This is a unique opportunity to present a true preventive/integrative medical center to the local Costa Rican market as well as the high influx of tourists coming from abroad. It also serves to support the existing medical tourism market with comprehensive healing and recovery amenities.

We have gathered a team of experienced physicians and wellness practitioners from around the world. Together they are forming a new kind of group practice where conventional physicians, many of them trained in complementary therapies, and seasoned holistic practitioners work together in collaboration. For all practitioners the chance to offer quality, integrative care in this healing setting is the realization of a long term goal, actualized through many years of hard work and dedication to this shared vision.

"Our goal was to gather some of the greatest minds in this field to help shape a place that can serve as a platform for education, inspiration, wellness & healing." -Ion Zaydelman | Founder & CEO