In Paraiso, Cartago, Costa Rica an organic farm and medicinal plant arch was born with help of an incredible group of students under the leadership of permaculture expert and educator Stephen Brooks from the Punta Mona Center. It was an extraordinary experience to be able to create such a beautiful medicinal plant arch, vegetable garden and fruit orchard that will serve such an important purpose! Over 200 varieties of medicinal plants were planted and 300 fruit trees that will create the foundation to educate the youth as to the importance of having clean organic food free of pesticides and create an abundant organic food supply for the Puerta a la Vida Wellness Resort & Longevity Center! Food independence is of utmost importance, and the youth of our world have a chance to reconnect with their roots, and how things were done long before. There's a reason why this Costa Rican town is called Paradise, and now we can add to that lineage!

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