Hosting workshops in personal development with amazing people is a great passion and pleasure. Coach Naomi Colb offered participants a unique lens through which to examine their own lives. Education and wellbeing is at the core of what we are trying to achieve at Puerta a la Vida - and this was a great experience into the heart of it.

"The care for community is an often overlooked aspect of wellness. When people feel a part of a  team, a community they are motivated in an incredible way. When they understand what part they play in that whole, when they sense their purpose or place in a community, they thrive. There's nothing more empowering than living with a purpose, and knowing you matter. When we can share and utilize our skills towards the betterment of a greater whole, people feel at their best. And its important that they are acknowledged and appreciated for that. Creating an environment that fosters community and individual responsibility toward that community is critical. It is also the responsibility of the individual to take care of their own wellness. The simplest aspects of wellness are often overlooked… Are you getting enough sleep, water, exercise, and are you sticking to a diet that makes you feel good. Its quite simple - the goal is to feel good - when you feel good you do good. Live in surroundings that support you in this endeavor - on site organic food, wellness, art, education, nature, celebration. This is the culture we look to cultivate and the purpose our residents foster." - Edward Zaydelman