The Puerta a la Vida team is thrilled to announce that our food has arrived! We have just completed an amazing planting of Fruit Trees, Superfoods, Medicinal plants, and our Garden Beds.  This food will feed the Residents of our Community, Guests of the Wellness Retreat Center,  and all of the Visitors that come through our doors. It will also serve as the foundation of our Health & Wellness education program. 

Imagine walking through the gardens and picking your lunch, collecting some fresh herbs for a tea, or gathering fruit for a super food smoothie - okay forget the imagine part, just come visit! 

Our Latest Initiatives: 

  • A Nutritional Education Program & farm tours with the local schools in our area 
  • Miramar's first women's cooperative for Artesenal Production 
  • VIDA Foods - Dehydrated Mangos, Chutneys, Jams and Mango Mud Masks. All created from the 600 Mango trees on the property! 

This could not have happened without the help of Stephen Brooks, Paul Zink, Jasona Randeau, Brooke Coleman and the entire Puerta a la Vida team - who were onsite sunrise to sunset planting and making the magic happen. A big big thank you! 

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