Life is bumping at Puerta!!! We've just come down from an incredible retreat season and are recalibrating as we gear up for Echo in July, our three day off grid life altering experience.

The farms are springing back from dry season and the land is waking up. The rain has begun and the garden is responding lots of new growth, bird activity and the symphony of insects. We'll be doing our annual rainy season planting end of the month which will supplement the already thriving fruit trees, medicinal and herb garden and plots. Join us for the planting!!! Our Farmacy is also thriving and our in house greenthumb, Lady Greenthumbs just shared a bit about her experience working with our Farmacy

This past week, ‪#‎VidaFarm‬ broke soil at our local grade school, Cecudi Montes De Oro, for Dia Del Agricultor. We planted clippings of katuk, spinach, jamaica and more. The kids were all smiles as they learned about the growing process while planting seeds. It was a special day for all. 

It's Mango Madness at Puerta! Vida Foods is in full production as mango trees are dripping with fruit. This year, we've got artisanal batches of vinegar, dried fruit, jams and more in addition to crates and crates of fresh mangos for sale at market.

We understand not everyone will live here full time and because of this, building a home at Puerta can become an income generating property.  For community members, we offer the flexibility to rent out homes when not in use, while enjoying resort style living. Homes are managed by our staff and rented when vacant using our booking and reservation system.  We've got a strong retreat and hospitality business with an influx of rental opportunities on deck. As wellness is the center-point of Puerta and the concept behind Abundant Living, each home features customizable food garden options as well. 

It's an exciting time for the Puerta project with a focus on our Wellness Centerpiece, thriving retreat and hospitality business, theatre works, weddings and somore down the pipeline.