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The budding Puerta A La Vida community and retreat center is an address for entrepreneurs, innovators, wellness practitioners and enthusiasts of all kinds – a place for those interested in abundant living and a life less ordinary.

We’ve recently hosted and produced incredibly transformative and ground-breaking events and retreats on the land. Within the Puerta community, we feel it is the most important time in history to gather leaders and visionaries to exchange valuable wisdom and practices as we shape the world of tomorrow. We’ve brought integral groups together and it’s been said that our land was the birth of a collaborative spice route of communities. What an honor.

Thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers in the wellness, community building, yoga, permaculture, and environmental sectors such as Tom Newmark/Finca Luna, Stephen Brooks/Punta Mona, Ian-Michael Hebert/Esalen, Marcelo Mansour/Master Vibrational Healer, Ricardo Soares/DeRose Method, Matthew Brimer/Public Assembly/Day Breakers, Samhita Mukhopadhyay/Identity, and Jesse Israel/The Big Quiet to name a few, inspired community and impact for the greater good. 

Our ecosystem of diverse and bountiful communities continues to exchange collective intentions and actionable methods to cultivate this culture of abundant living we’re all about at Puerta.