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Man vs Wild - Bear Grylls Costa Rica 3
He goes to the deep jungle - puro selva as they say en Español. This is far south near Panama - real loco. He was at the Dos Equiss event last week but so were 4000 people haha, so it was not so cool nor did he have to eat any weird stuff or survive much more than a hoard of drunks trying to get to the bar.



Last trip to Costa was an adventure...

On the roof for panoramic and spherical photography with Isaac Martinez. See his awesome spherical photos in the post below this one.

Meal of champions! Donaldo's famous smoked beef (that he started at 3:30 AM)!


Donaldo's brother Nelson takes a detour on a trip to see a property of his with ocean access via a river he raves about!

The detour was through a sugar cane field and you couldn't see a damn thing. He kept the pedal down on the Defender 90 like this was an off road video game. Until we got stuck in a huge ditch and needed to get rescued by a tractor.

Finally we get to the river. The bat cave of ocean access. A little scary looking haha.


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Spherical Photography from Isaac Martinez of Costa Rica
Isaac's specialty is unlike anything i've ever seen! It's a pleasure to work with him!

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A little taste of Costa Rica - Pt. 2

Puerta a la Vida (mi officina)

After a month at the lake trying to get a nice shot, I think i finally got it.

Beach office view...

Giles Ashford - damn homey!

A walk through the clouds...

I like cows now... I like their outlook on life.



A little taste of Costa Rica - Pt. 1

Volcano Irazu with the brilliant (and loco) photographer Giles Ashford. He's the one responsible for these stunning images as well as getting us permanently banned from the Volcano for trespassing. Who knew that they didn't allow people to walk out onto the rim?

Eleanor got kicked out too, but at least she got to see 11,000 ft and her first Volcano!

The main crater of volcano Poas was smoking, Poas isn't really a smoker, but then again neither am I!

The climb up Volcano Turialba (I took Eleanor!)

Staring into the abyss...

Trespassing on Turialba... No room for error haha!