Sacha Lalla: Dream Coach & Writer

Sacha Lalla is a speaker, author and former radio show host, who helps successful entrepreneurs, who know they were meant for something bigger, and helps them take their life to the next level.

Superbly skilled at showing you how to hone intuition as your compass in life, Sacha offers simple steps to owning and honoring your innate creativity, intrinsic power and unique beauty. She is particularly adept at removing the mental and emotional barriers that often prevent you from living your biggest, most self-expressed life. She helps you turn walls into bridges.

Having successfully coached hundreds of people, Sacha has been leading seminars, workshops and presentations to groups of up to 1000 people for over half a decade.

Sacha is a dream coach and a brilliant catalyst for the life you want. Having worked with a diverse range of people -from high-level executives, lawyers, doctors & entrepreneurs to single moms and personal trainers- Sacha will cultivate your ability to be extraordinary both in relationships and career.

Jared Angaza: Brand Architect & Reformation Activist

Jared is a published author, brand architect and reformation activist. He and his family spent nine years living in East Africa and now reside in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. He consults for charities, governments, philanthropists and private businesses around the globe to transform their work into soul filled art.

Over the years, he has consulted and volunteered for movements such as American Indian Movement, Keep a Child Alive, Genocide Intervention Fund, ONE Campaign, International Justice Mission, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, USAID and the governments of Nigeria, Rwanda and Kenya. 

Jared is a big believer in the power of creativity and collaboration. He’s worked extensively in music, film and fashion and is currently operating as a founding partner at the Nairobi based creative agency, Let_it_grow, where he orchestrates the development of socially responsible international brands. 

He is an ardent proponent of the Bantu based “ubuntu” philosophy, which posits that we are all interconnected, we are not fully human alone and we are created to thrive only through interdependence. His primary objective is to amplify this philosophy and contribute to a global shift in consciousness that incites an “ubuntu revolution”.  

Amber Rae: Catalyst for Social Movement

Amber Rae is hell-bent on inspiring you to create the world you want to live in. She creates in her studio and around the world – writing, experimenting, speaking and designing. Through raw and revealing writing and visual storytelling, she shares the ups and downs of pursuing your life's work.


Amber is the creator of The World We Want, a global public art project, and The Daily Clue, an email subscription described as “yoga for the soul." She is a contributor to Fast Company, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, ABC World News, Forbes, Fast Company, Time, Inc., BBC, well+GOOD and Tim Ferriss's blog.


Previously, Amber started an "accelerator for your life" called The Bold Academy and helped launch six best-selling books as Chief Evangelist of Seth Godin's Domino Project. She's collaborated with brands like Apple, Dove and The Future Project, and has worked with hundreds of creatives, entrepreneurs and CEOs to fulfill on their highest potential.

She lives in Brooklyn (and around the world) with her fiancé Farhad

Gabe Abraham: Spacecraft Propulsion and Cryocooler Engineer

I remember when my entire school took pause from the regular schedule to watch the first Space Shuttle launch. Inspired by the philosophy that we can transcend world politics in the pursuit of exploration and making the world a better place, I have worked in the space industry since graduating college nearly 20 years ago. I’ve helped build satellites that expand our understanding of climate change,  worked on the only U.S. autonomous satellite re-servicing mission, and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST, the successor to the Hubble telescope, NASA’s top science mission).

Caroline Larsson: Speaker & Ex-professional golfer

I get inspired by the thought of the unlimited potential within ourselves and always strive to motivate others to unlock the potential they carry, to be free from fear in living their lives. I believe the best way to release this fear is to train our psychological mind to focus on  possibilities and to value everything we have, instead of focusing on what we lack. Going for your dreams and the practice of believing in yourself can set you free from a lot of tension and  build great strength from inside.

Luis Javir Castro: President and Founder Mesoamerica

I am the President, Founding and Managing Partner at Mesoamerica since 1998, a firm that transforms businesses in the Latin American region by creating value for investors and society. My career began as an associate in Bain and Company were I worked in strategic cases for several of the region’s largest companies. Then in 1996, I started Central America’s first private equity fund and largest at the time. 

I am passionate about helping society and promoting prosperity and inclusiveness in the region. I support several social impact initiatives through foundations, education institutions and associations. I founded the Mesoamerica Foundation, which invests in quality education, advocacy of sustainabilty, entrepreneurship, and leadership. I am the president of Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo (local chapter of United Way), a member of the board of directors of United Way WorldWide, Paniamor and Parque de la Libertad and I also participate in G-50, a select group of business leaders of the Americas, Aspen Institute, an organization that fosters leadership based on enduring value, and Young Presidents Organization.

Ryan Van Duzer: Adventurer, Filmmaker & TV Host

Hola amigos! I'm muy excited to meet you all in Costa Rica. It's one of my favorite places on the planet. 
In lieu of a formal bio, I thought I'd share some interesting facts about me. I've never had a car, I'm a vegetarian, and I'm a total mama's boy. I don't have a 'real' job, but I really enjoy the various projects I'm involved with. This includes creating adventure travel content for various groups and organizations, speaking to high school kids about following their crazy dreams, emceeing events and fun-d-raisers, and hosting various web programs. Highlights of my life so far include serving in the Peace Corps in Honduras, surviving in the jungles of Venezuela on a Discovery Channel show and riding my bike across the USA a number of  times.

Debi Nova: Singer & Songwriter

I am a singer songwriter from Costa Rica but have lived in Los Angeles, California for over half of my life.
I have released two albums of my original songs which have taken me to many stages around the world and to the top of the Billboard dance charts. The second album “Soy” was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the best contemporary pop album category.
Before going solo, I spent many years writing songs for and singing backgrounds with other artists such as Ricky Martin, Black Eyed Peas, Sergio Mendes, Sean Paul and Britney Spears. I’m most passionate about empowering other women through my music and in 2010 joined the UN’s UNITE campaign to End Violence Against Women and YUNGA (Youth and United Nations Global Alliance) as a Youth Ambassador. I’m happiest when I’m on stage, on my surfboard or on my yoga mat.