Sacha Lalla is a speaker, author and former radio show host, who helps successful entrepreneurs, who know they were meant for something bigger, and helps them take their life to the next level.

Superbly skilled at showing you how to hone intuition as your compass in life, Sacha offers simple steps to owning and honoring your innate creativity, intrinsic power and unique beauty. She is particularly adept at removing the mental and emotional barriers that often prevent you from living your biggest, most self-expressed life. She helps you turn walls into bridges.

Having successfully coached hundreds of people, Sacha has been leading seminars, workshops and presentations to groups of up to 1000 people for over half a decade.

Sacha is a dream coach and a brilliant catalyst for the life you want. Having worked with a diverse range of people -from high-level executives, lawyers, doctors & entrepreneurs to single moms and personal trainers- Sacha will cultivate your ability to be extraordinary both in relationships and career.