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The Village of health


The Village of health

The Village at Glance

A new approach to conscious real-estate development and wellness innovation:

Create a modern Village of Health where a vibrant community of like-minded individuals can live their lives to its fullest in an optimal environment, and achieve their health goals.

Our modern Village of Health is a practical and innovative solution to address today’s challenges to healthy living and longevity. We offer hyper-personalized attention to each resident from bio-marker testing to health program, and deliver the latest knowledge in health sciences in a simple “to-do” format.

Puerta a la Vida is a mixed-use residential development with a wellness clinic as its anchor. Architecture by Victor Canas. Residences start at $127,000; weekly life fractional ownership starts at $4,987.

Nestled in the coastal mountains of Costa Rica, our location provides for a green, clean environment that includes: local fresh spring water, organic landscaping, non-chlorine pools, green construction material for living spaces, minimal air and noise pollution. Plus, the entire village is one big organic permaculture farm of superfoods!

It’s not just healthy living, it’s smart living. We know that time is a precious commodity; that’s why in addition to resort-style amenities, we offer our residents a 5-star concierge services. Our residents don’t have to sweat the small stuff like cleaning, laundry, shopping, running errands, etc. Instead, they can spend their time on what counts - family, friends, hobbies, and enjoying the good life.

We know that nurturing social connections is important for a healthy state of mind. That’s why at Puerta a la Vida you’ll find a community center featuring events and speakers; community garden plots; weekly classes and adventures; a state-of-the-art business center; opportunities for networking, and much more.


I would like to share with you our groundbreaking approach to realizing extraordinary health and maximizing your health reserves. It's based on the LATEST AND MOST PROGRESSIVE findings in the field.

This health issue—especially Prevention, building Health Reserves, and Longevity—is very dear to my heart!

My personal attachment and interest is based on my own life experience. At one point, I was over-worked with super-high stress levels, poor eating and sleep habits, and a chain smoker. But I was very lucky—I met a great doctor who changed my life, and with it my entire perspective. It spurred in me a hunger for research and action, and wellness became my calling. Having met with leading doctors in preventive health and scientists, and having conducted a great deal of personal research, I was inspired to open a top-notch, medically supervised wellness retreat and community.

Our primary focus is to look at health with a holistic approach, implementing the best of modern science and evidence-based protocols, to build a strong health reserve, and sustain longevity.

The basic principles are:  

  • We don’t believe in a quick fix. We want to create permanent, positive lifestyle change
  • People can become the CEOs of their own health, empowered by knowledge and education
  • Personal attention, bio-individuality, and custom-tailored therapy based on an individualized wellness profile
  • Testing, not guessing
  • Detox programs to rid the body of toxins and any other stressors
  • Environment matters: Clean water and air are huge components of good health
  • Physical and mental activity matters: We provide opportunities for both
  • Nutrition is a key component: Quality organic food, living organic greens, and healthy lifestyle choices are the foundation for good health



The Reality Gap

The Reality Gap

I soon realized that we were missing TWO very important points: 

Realization #1:

There exists a significant discrepancy in the amount and quality of healthy lifestyle knowledge, and people's ability to put this information to use in their everyday lives. 

We challenged ourselves to understand the problem, and seek out answers to the following questions:

  • Why are only a small percentage of people interested in healthy lifestyle information?
  • Why is the most precious, paramount knowledge not being implemented in practical ways?
  • Why is something as vital as disease prevention not in greater demand?

Realization #2:

Health is a strong and straight forward reflection of all the aspects of well-being, not only of the physical body.

Health is equally influenced by our spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. In other words, we cannot separate physical health from other strongly interrelated issue of well-being such as:

  • Financial wellbeing – Do you feel financially secure? (With stability being more important than income level alone)
  • Career wellbeing - Do you like what you do every day? Do you look forward to coming to work? Do you have a hobby you look forward to?
  • Social wellbeing - Do you have meaningful relationships—friends, colleagues, love in your life?
  • Community connection – Do you have friends and/or colleagues that you can talk to?

In short, much of health is related to Life Satisfaction, or simply HAPPINESS.

Loneliness is another leading factor in well-being, it’s even considered among the top health risks. In fact, loneliness is AS deadly as a lack of exercise and diabetes. A poor social network drastically increases risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. And being lonely increases your risk of heart disease and cancer, by up to 45%, studies have found! Meanwhile, higher levels of well-being are associated with decreased risk of disease, illness, and injury; better immune function; speedier recovery; and increased longevity. Individuals with high levels of well-being are more productive at work and are more likely to contribute to their communities.

How could we ignore this piece of the holistic puzzle when we are addressing superior health and longevity?

It became clear that the problem is more sophisticated than just physical well-being, and as such, the solution had to be an ambitious one. What could we really change and achieve just by building a better, top-notch wellness retreat?

It had to be bigger than that to have real impact!

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A Deeper Look into Reality

A Deeper Look into Reality

I call this “walking a mile in peoples’ shoes…” Understand their lives, and the challenges they face, the choices they make, and the reasons they make them — and then create a solution!

Let me extract some juice from this sophisticated issue:

#1. The Gap: There are many reasons why so much healthy lifestyle knowledge and science is not being used by people, but the two most common reasons we found are:

  • Lack of education – People want a quick-fix and expect their doctors to solve all their problems immediately. These people are victims of a lack of both education and understanding when it comes to promoting the medicine of health as opposed to the medicine of disease. They try to treat the symptoms, bodily sickness, instead of curing the problem, which is unhealthy lifestyle afflictions.
  • Limiting factors – Some people understand the information and science, but are limited by a variety of factors such as:

No willpower – There is a psychological competition between pleasurable emotions (the comfort zone) vs. survival instincts, and often, people don’t see their unhealthy lifestyle choices as immediate threats.

Prevention means patience – When people don’t see obvious, immediate benefits – they give-up. Or they consider themselves“healthy” and don’t need to implement preventative measures.

No time – Most everyone has a large “to-do” list and their time is very limited, so they often cannot commit themselves to learning new, healthier ways to live.


#2. The Wellbeing Connection – This is a critical issue! As noted earlier, well-being is not one-dimensional, it’s a composite of issues that connect to happiness and satisfaction.

And, what is among the greatest health risks to wellbeing? Loneliness!

Studies show the following rates of compromising health risks: Loneliness: 45%, Air pollution: 6-12% Obesity: 20-25% Alcohol abuse: 35-40%

While there are numerous studies the health risks associated with loneliness, let me mention just two that support this:

a) The Roseto Effect is the phenomenon by which a close-knit community experiences a reduced rate of heart disease. It was first noticed in 1961 when a local doctor in Roseto, Pennsylvania noted the unusually low rate of heart disease in the population. From 1954 to 1961, Roseto had nearly no heart attacks for the otherwise high-risk group of men 55 to 64, and men over 65 enjoyed a death rate of 1% while the national average was 2%. Widowers outnumbered widows, too. Roseto also had no crime, and very few applications for public assistance. But these statistics were at odds with a number of other unhealthy factors: the locals smoked, drank wine, and had a high-fat diet.

What they had instead was Power of the Tribe!

b) “The Longevity Expedition: Dan Buettner's Search for the Fountain of Youth”

This research on longevity was first published in National Geographic in 2005 and really established his bona fides on the subject. Buettner studied the world’s healthiest place, such as Sardinia, Okinawa, Costa Rica, Loma Linda, California, the Greek island of Ikaria, and others. These areas became the subject of his book The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.

Despite the tremendous cultural and geographic differences between these distant lands, you could clearly identify common practices that seem to further longevity.

Here is a short, edited list of the secrets to longevity from the world's healthiest places:

  1. Be connected: have friends, love and be loved, belong to a tribe
  2. Stay active: physically and mentally
  3. Have a purpose / a dream / beliefs in your life: Like what you do every day…
  4. Diet: Clean, natural food & good eating habits (not overeating)
  5. Surroundings: Green, natural environment (quiet, clean air & water)
  6. Pura Vida: relax, laugh, be a happy person
  7. Financial stability

Now I’m going to fold happiness into it. The effect of unhappiness on your body is about as bad for you as a smoking habit. An unhappy person is about three times more likely to die in a given year than a happy person, for a variety of reasons: suicide, chronic stress, illness. If we can extract happiness secrets from the happiest populations, like we did with Blue Zones, we will help people raise their life expectancy.


The Solution: The Village of Health

The Solution: The Village of Health

We often hear that in life we can’t have it all, but in health why does it have to be either/or? What if there was a place that you didn’t need to compromise to achieve your full health potential?

What if... “

  • ...We can make health-wellness support easily accessible in everyday life?
    Including delivering the latest knowledge in health sciences in a simple “to do” format. This means: creating an individual wellness profile, testing to identify your bio markers, a customized food plan, and personal wellness/holistic protocols, if necessary.
  • ...We develop a modern community – The Village of Health – that re-creates all the proven well-being principals of the Blue Zone Longevity places? A community where you can reap the benefits of being surrounded by like-minded individuals.
  • ...We create a place that could provide a worry-free, hassle-free lifestyle where ALL of the necessary services and amenities could be found under ONE roof to address the most important life values: health, wellbeing, time and comfort. Leaving you with more free time for that which you care about the most?

This is the vision at the heart of Puerta a la Vida “Village of Health”— the vision of “Intelligent Living.”

We don’t need a miracle drug or stem cell solution or new breakthrough in genetic engineering. We just need to leverage what already exists today, and deliver it in the best possible way.

We just need to transform Possibility into the Reality. And here’s how we can do it:

The Power of The Village: A Community of Shared Interests

We want to create a modern village by cultivating the most important aspect of the “village concept” – a like-minded community of people passionate about health and well-being who will support and encourage each other’s growth.

Living in a community has a great hidden psycho-sociological power that is very necessary to support people’s willpower to stay on a course of building their Health Reserves.  Participation in a community of shared interests can be compelling and entertaining, and can create a “close attachment phenomena”. The community’s members take part in the community to: to improve their understanding of a subject; to share common passions; or just to play and have fun. The community is defined also by a common bond. These common bonds may be over feelings of personal attachment to people, places, and community-driven philosophies, or activities such as organic farming, yoga, herbal medicine.

Community Influencers: We have found that another very powerful way to drive interest and enthusiasm for healthy lifestyle movements, like the one we are aiming to create, is to spotlight real success stories from real people. We don’t want to promote phony written statements but instead, have passionate people, who are committed and genuine, to spread their stories to people that they know.

Our modern-day village will be a community that thrives on people’s passion for healthy living. Membership will allow people to be connected daily with individualized health support that has been drafted by our team of progressive holistic doctors. The modern village, will also utilize full-scale Life Efficiency services for Intelligent Living.

The Intelligent Living Principles:

At the heart of The Village of Health is our “smart living” platform that promotes:

  • A green, clean environment – Clean water from our springs. Organic landscaping. Non-chlorine pools. Green construction material for living spaces. No noise and air pollution. Entire village is one big organic permaculture farm of superfoods!
  • An individualized approach – The Wellness Center monitors health biomarkers and bio-individual health profiles, and suggests individual protocols for each community member or visitor with a plan that’s in a simple to-do format.
  • Professionally monitored food services – Provide daily access to necessary organic foods, fruits and vegetable, herbs and supplements at lowest possible cost. Cold-pressed juices and healthy meals are prepared daily.

Smart Living Efficiency: Time is very valuable commodity!

We want to deliver the highest living efficiency by having our properties offer exceptional concierge services so that residents don’t have to waste their valuable free time on the routine hassles of life.  So, if we can ensure that a resident has their computer fixed, a FedEx package delivered, and their dry cleaning and groceries picked up for them, imagine how much free time we’ve just given them to enjoy what matters most--living their lives healthy and having fun.

  • Concierge Services: Save you more time & bring you the necessary comfort. No time for food sourcing and preparation and cleaning... No need for cleaning the house and close. Transportation services. Children garden with preschool education. And many more... TIME saver!
  • A Business Center: so that you can work within the community that you live in, instead of commuting long hours.

Building community connections: Promoting Shared Interests

  • A community center for gatherings – a central place for all residents to come together.
  • Creating and encouraging fun! We want residents and visitors to maximize their days by enjoying music, adventures, activities and events. We want to encourage members to live with art, express their creativity, and feel great daily!
  • A start-up business incubator for aligned ideas so that residents can truly live and create while staying with us.
  • We will bring together thought leaders and experts in the wellness space for seminars, workshops, and retreats.

Our Ultimate goal...

is to create a modern Village of Health and Longevity where professionals could succeed; where the young can stay young; where women could give birth to healthy children, and where those children could grow up healthy as the intelligent new generation; where elders could feel that it is not the end of their journey, but rather the beginning of a new one where they can unleash their talent.

Our Ultimate goal...

is to create a modern Village of Health and Longevity where professionals could succeed; where the young can stay young; where women could give birth to healthy children, and where those children could grow up healthy as the intelligent new generation; where elders could feel that it is not the end of their journey, but rather the beginning of a new one where they can unleash their talent.