Residents will have membership privilege to the Health and Wellness Center where they can have access to a variety of services and a constant rotation of engaging workshops and lectures.

Our commitment to health extends beyond the walls of the Wellness Center to the surrounding environment. The air our residents breathe is free of exhaust fumes and pesticides, the houses are constructed with the highest sustainability and green standards in mind and the drinking water is top quality natural spring water. On-site electric cars, organic landscaping, chlorine-free pools and restaurants with organically grown, locally sourced food are just a few ways in which we make everyday living, healthy living.

One of the key factors behind the community is our Organic farm.  Residents will be provided fresh organic food at affordable prices, access to the medicinal herb farm, fresh organic eggs and tilapia from our pond. The economic efficiency of living in a community is an important factor in sustainable living – from the food to the services. We welcome those residents who would like to be further involved in the organic farm and other opportunities around the community (from the art workshop to the wellness center). We want to create an environment where residents can be a true part in creating the community and have opportunities to not only live in the community but also work there.  We are inviting doctors, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, builders, farmers and many more. There are a lot of opportunities, and the chance to create a truly sustainable environment where people can live and work in the community.